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We partner with successful Scottish businesses in order to foster a positive relationship between our members and the professional world.


If you would be interested in working with us- have a look at our sponsorship proposal!

Contact Eleanor, our Vice President (Fundraising), for more information.

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Working internationally across the Energy sector, Gneiss Energy offers a unique combination of investment banking and experience to advise clients on transactions throughout different jurisdictions. Taking social responsibility seriously, their team works tirelessly to make positive changes for our future. Gneiss Energy invests in sustainability projects around the globe and promotes climate friendly initiatives throughout the workforce!

The Dundee Law School specialises in Energy Law, with The Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy having been a global voice of Energy law and policy since 1977. DULS is always keen to find new ways to promote sustainable approaches to developments in the legal field as well as other sectors. Partnering with Gneiss Energy is a new way for us to get involved and understand how we too can do our part in leading the world to a Green future.


With a legacy in Scotland dating back to 1871, Dentons are committed to the market and deeply rooted in the community. Their lawyers are intimately familiar with the nuances of doing business in Scotland.

Dentons Scottish-based team provides cost-effective, UK-wide advice, sharing insights, approaches and ideas with global colleagues to offer clients proven solutions to even the most complex challenges.


As the world’s largest law firm, Dentons offer clients more talent in more locations than any other legal services provider. In Scotland, clients benefit from the cross-market insights of the 200+ lawyers they have on the ground.

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Dickson Minto is a law firm specialising in corporate transactions and complex commercial advice with offices in Edinburgh and London. Given their expertise in corporate and commercial law, their clients trust them to handle some of the largest and most complex transactions in the market.

Dickson Minto is recruiting for student placements taking place in summer 2024 and for traineeships commencing September 2025. They  offer two different types of specialist placements and traineeships - one in corporate and one in commercial property.


While Turcan Connell has built its reputation on exceptional legal and tax planning expertise, the real secret of the firm’s success is personal.


Turcan Connell act for individuals, businesspeople, entrepreneurs and landowners. They also work with charities, philanthropists and trustees. Their client's financial and legal affairs are both complex and intensely private. They require the dedication and discretion of trusted professional advisors whose detailed understanding is built up over the years and often spans generations within families.


To each of their clients, Turcan Connell's work is vitally important. Each is provided with a tailor-made strategy to protect their wealth while navigating the inevitable challenges of ownership, control, succession and custody. 

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Addleshaw Goddard

Addleshaw Goddard is an international law firm devoted to helping clients all around the world. Each year, over 3000 major businesses trust them to deliver. With 17 offices around the world, they have helped clients in 105 different countries over the past years.

With many different areas of expertise, Addleshaw Goddard practice in various sectors including Advanced Manufacturing, Digital, Financial Services, Healthcare and Transport. Over 1400 lawyers, they have built a strong reputation as an innovative and impactful law firm.

The Corporate Law Academy

The Corporate Law Academy (commonly known as “TCLA”) is the largest community for aspiring lawyers. Since 2018, their team has helped thousands of aspiring lawyers secure training contracts with the most competitive global law firms.

TCLA's mission is to change the jobs market from being about who you know to being about what you know. Fundamentally, they do not want the ability to access great ideas to be governed by an individual’s background, connections or location. TCLA cares deeply about sharing the most valuable information they find to the world. They also want to help as many people as possible along the way.

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