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Route 2

our sister society geared at law students who don't necessarily want to go into legal professions!

Studying law does not mean that you have to become a paralegal, solicitor, advocate, barrister or judge. There are other careers out there too! For all of the law students out there who have not decided what career they would like to pursue, or are worried that they are not attracted to a ‘legal’ career post-university, do not worry! I can guarantee that most of your peers have either been in that position before, or are currently in that position right now. After all, around 50% of students each year graduate from their law degree and enter a job outside of the legal sector. Therefore, without further ado, I introduce the newest University of Dundee Society, Route2!


Route2 aims to expose law students to careers outside of the legal sector, educate them on the importance of transferable skills, and guide them through different application processes. 


As a 'sister Society' to the well-known and very successful Dundee University Law Society (DULS), Route2 will work alongside DULS to expose law students to careers outwith the legal sector. These careers include: Civil Service, police, financial sector, media, third-sector organisations and charities, Human Resources, teaching, forensics, and many more! 


Route2 will aim to host 3-5 employer events per semester which are open to any law student after paying their £1 membership fee. This is a one-off lifetime membership fee and will last throughout their entire university career. These events will involve the employer discussing their specific industry, and providing some useful hints and tips to help students through the application process.  This is also a fantastic opportunity for students to network, which is another skill this Society will help students to develop!


As well as employer events, Route2 and DULS will run joint workshops to inform students on how to develop an array of skills, and how to demonstrate these skills in job applications. Ultimately, students will be given the best shot at presenting themselves as the ideal candidate for any job they apply for.  


Route2 looks forward to welcoming all students to the Society and cannot wait to see the fantastic opportunities that students are rewarded with as a result!

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