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Mhairi Franklin

After a successful 2 years on the committee, Mhairi is delighted to take on the role of President. She looks forward to leading the committee through an active year, aiming to achieve increased engagement from all years. Mhairi is a friendly face around campus - do not hesitate to contact with any questions!

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Kenzie Berry
Vice President (Social Lead)

Kenzie is a third year student reading law with French. This year he is the society's social VP, and is looking forward to running in-person events, in particular the charity ceilidh and law ball. In his spare time, Kenzie enjoys running and sailing. 


Emma Shopland
Social Assistant

Emma is a second year law student on the English and Scottish Dual-Qualifying stream. After a year of limited social events, Emma aims to bring back events that could not take place due to COVID, whilst adding new events to provide more social opportunities after an isolating year. 

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Ruairidh Gilchrist
Vice President (Careers Lead)

As a final year Scots law student, Ruairidh is thrilled to take on this role. He has thoroughly enjoyed his time at Dundee and involvement in DULS. As Careers Lead, he intends to continue the society's successful career events to improve student awareness of a wide range of career opportunities both nationally and globally.


Ollie Stafford
Careers Assistant

For his final year as an English law student, Ollie is thrilled to be taking on the role of Careers Assistant. He has been thoroughly impressed by the ability of DULS to enrich the law student experience at Dundee. Ollie hopes he can make a positive impact on an already well established society, and looks forward to the coming year. 

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Gillian Murray
Vice President (Fundraising Lead)

Having undoubtedly benefiting from DULS academically and socially, Gillian aims to further student enjoyment of society opportunities. She works part-time as a fundraising officer at a local charity and aims to apply the same commitment and professionalism to this role. She is excited to maintain DULS' high standards, improving on achievements already made. 


Hasan Mahmood

For his final year as an English and Northern Irish law student, Hasan takes on the role of Treasurer with great excitement. He believes DULS has contributed to his academic and social life and looks forward to connecting with more students. He aims to give back by helping DULS reach more students and secure further achievements. 

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Katie McGill

Originally from the Scottish Borders, Katie has thoroughly enjoyed her time in Dundee and is looking forward to meeting more new students through DULS events. Katie will assist the other committee members in running events and making sure that the admin is organised. She is excited to work on new initiatives, such as a DULS newsletter and regular feedback surveys. 

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Louisa Cresswell
External Trips Coordinator

In her final year, Louisa is repeating her role as External Trips Coordinator. Due to COVID, this was one of the hardest roles to carry out last year, so Louisa would like to fulfil her plans for the role from then. She hopes to carry out a number of frequent external trips, engaging all year groups. Louisa also hopes to run external social trips within Dundee law school, as well as forging connections with other universities! 

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Finlay Crowe
Social Media Convenor

Fin is a second year dual-qualifying law student, is happy to (finally) be your Social-Media Convenor for DULS and is grateful for his fellow students’ support in voting him into this position. From career events to coffee mornings, Gaudie to the law ball – Fin is really excited for what the next two semesters hold for DULS and its members. Via DULS’ social platforms, Fin plans to keep everyone notified of the society’s general ongoings and its much-anticipated, forthcoming events, during which himself, and other society members, can hopefully continue to meet and engage with fellow students!

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Erin MacInnes
Diversity Officer

Erin is a second year Scots and English Law Dual Qualifying student. Erin has spent the last 3 years living in Dundee and has enjoyed all of the opportunities that the University has presented her. This year, Erin is looking forward to ensuring everyone in the DULS community feels safe, heard, and represented,  working with other committee members to host events and raise awareness through social media.