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Dundee University Law Society is one of the largest and most active societies on campus.


Through our various projects and opportunities, we aim to optimise the student experience for University of Dundee Law students. 



We aim to help members explore their career options, hosting events which enhace their employability. 


We encourage the enjoyment of the study of law, organising out of class trips and academic workshops. 


Through our social events, we provide enjoyment for our members while promoting the integration of different year groups.


As a body that represents Law Students, we are always happy to get behind causes which our members care about.

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The Presidency

For the first time since the establishment of DULS, the presidency has expanded. Emma and Finlay are heading up the new committee, providing two different perspectives. Both bearing experience within our society, Emma came up the Social path and Finlay up the Careers path. 

They hope to guide the committee to a successful and fulfilling academic year, offering their support to all DULS members!

Left to Right: Finlay (Co-President), Emma (Co-President)

The Exec

Our executive team oversees and manages the society in a strategic and collective manner. Consisting of the Presidency and three Vice Presidents, each with their own leads - Fundraising, Careers and Social, the exec sets goals and helps ensure that all committee members are succeeding in their roles. 


By coming up with strategies to keep the society running in a functional and effective way, the exec aims to provide students with opportunities to thrive and discover their potential throughout their academic journey.

DULS photos-15.jpg

Left to Right: Eleanor (VP Fundraising), Emma (Co-President), Andrew (Careers VP), Finlay (Co-President), Caitlin (VP Social)

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Careers Team

Our careers team works tirelessly to maximise DULS members exposure to the various careers opportunities that lie beyond their degrees. Consisting of the VP Careers and his assistant, Andrew and Emma organise events and insight evenings with our partner firms and other societies. Through their hard work, members of our society are exposed to a range of different law firms and career opportunities.


By ensuring the events hosted explore different sectors in the legal field, our careers team hopes to expand our law students' knowledge of their employability options. 

Left to Right: Andrew (VP Careers), Emma (Social Assistant)

Social Team

Our social team brings recurring and new events to the table for all members to enjoy. Caitlin, Marie and Leah organise a range of different events making sure there is something for everyone! Creating these social events gives members the chance to destress from their studies and socialise with their peers.


Leah hosts external-trips, giving members the opportunity to visit legal establishments or attend inter-university events! All members are always encouraged to come along!

DULS photos-16_edited.jpg

Left to Right: Leah (External Trips Co-Ordinator), Caitlin (VP Social), Marie (Social Assistant)

Finance Team 

DULS photos-19.jpg

Our finance team takes care of the DULS accounts: Eleanor brings in the funds, Charlotte ensures their safety. A challenging job, the team works responsibly to make sure all the accounts are up to date and funds are being allocated correctly. With their own sets of responsibilities, the pair compliment each other's skills to create an efficient financial strategy for the society. 

The finance team ensure the financial health of DULS, allowing opportunities to be maximised for members, be it careers, social or wellbeing!  

Left to Right: Charlotte (Treasurer), Eleanor (VP Fundraising)

Left to Right: Catherine (Social Media Convenor), Kirsty (Secretary)

DULS photos-18.jpg

Wellbeing Team

Our wellbeing team is here to ensure all members feel safe and included within the society. Consisting of our Welfare Officer and Diversity Officer, the team works towards creating a safe and open space where all members can be themselves. 


Lilly and Rayan are aiming to host coffee mornings, Wellbeing Wednesdays and more events, where members can come along and chat to them. Be it concerns about the society, worries about university or just a struggle you may be having, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our wellbeing team!

Communications Team

DULS photos-20.jpg

Our Communications team are here to keep all our members up to date! In a digital world, they are key to keeping everybody informed of DULS's activities. As Social Media Convenor, Catherine makes sure all our social media platforms are consistently up to date with information on what we're up to. Our secretary Kirsty is responsible for relaying important information directly to our members and keeping the committee on track! 

The communications team ensures that the communication between DULS and its members runs smoothly.

Left to Right: Rayan (Welfare Officer), Lilly (Diversity Officer)

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