What are my Summer Options!?

07 / 10 / 18

What am I going to do with my 3 month summer!? This is a question on the lips of many students. For law students in particular, we are lucky to have many options available to us such as Summer Vac Schemes, Internships and even working abroad at a summer camp!

When I was in my second year I applied to do Camp America and worked at a summer camp in Cape Cod, Massachusetts (and no, I still can’t spell the name of the state correctly without autocorrect). I thoroughly enjoyed this as I could still have a ‘summer of fun’ whilst working. My role at the Camp was a Camp Counsellor and Sailing Instructor. Growing up sailing, I felt this was the perfect job for me and loved my time on the Cape! I would highly recommend a summer at camp to anyone considering it as you will have the best summer ever!


However, during my third year I wanted to get more legal or business experience. A Vacation Scheme is an excellent way of getting a better insight to what life in a law firm is like. I started applying for various Vacation Schemes in my first semester but unfortunately I was unsuccessful. However, some people in my year were successful in their applications and have even been offered traineeships from their Vacation Schemes! Some top tips from a successful Vacation Scheme applicant are:


  • Do your research! The firms will be impressed by the knowledge you have and will see that you are genuinely interested
  • Take your time when answering the questions- there is no rush so do not feel like you should say the first thing that comes into your head unless it fits the question.
  • Be yourself because you are potentially going to be at the firm for a whole summer so you have to be comfortable with them.


In the middle of my first semester of third year I heard about the Saltire Programme run by Entrepreneurial Scotland. This is an internship opportunity aimed at penultimate year students which does not look at your grades at any stage of your application and recruits purely on competency based questions. There are only three stages to a Saltire application:


  1. Competency Questions
  2. Speed Interviews
  3. CV and Cover Letters


I applied to Saltire and ended up getting an 8 week internship with Barclays Bank plc in Glasgow.  However, other applicants to Saltire managed to go to places like Texas and Hong Kong so if you want to see a new place and work at the same time, I would highly recommend Saltire!


If you are currently working on applications for summer placements, I would highly recommend making good use of the Careers Team and making an appointment with Stephen Watt. The Careers team can help you with your applications and even host mock interviews with students in order to help them throughout their applications.


I hope you found this blog useful and if anyone has any questions about summer options for law students please do not hesitate to contact me!


This blog was written by our President, Sarah Campbell