Semester 1 Round-Up!

13 / 12 / 18

Before I begin, I would just like to say thank you on behalf of the committee for the amazing attendance at all our events this semester! We have been thrilled to see so many of you coming along to our social and careers events, and cannot wait for the next semester! We understand that everyone has a lot to do out with their studies, so we would just like to show our appreciation to all of you for coming along and supporting everything!


Our Socials


Our social team have already outdone themselves by managing to fit in 3 socials this semester AND have managed to sell-out Law Ball AGAIN!! We kicked off the semester with a baby crawl through Dundee where we caught the first glimpse of our new first years. It was fantastic to see so many new and old faces at both events (pun sort of intended). Then, a couple of weeks later we had our annual Gaudie event!


In November, we hosted our second joint-society pub quiz with DUBS (Dundee University Business Society)! This was a fantastic night and the social team even managed to secure some SHREKCELLENT (sorry) prizes for our winners! We were very pleased to have hosted this event in aid of the Dundee Foodbank, which is DUSA’s RAG charity this year. Overall we managed to raise £402.77.




The social team are very excited for the events that they have planned for semester two such as Gaudie Revenge and the much anticipated 2-night Law Ball at Dunkeld House Hotel!


Careers Events


In addition to the fantastic work of the social team, our careers team have been working non-stop this semester to bring you some amazing events. After the Law Fayre this year, we hosted the CMS Networking Event in D’Arcy Thomson which allowed many of our members to meet and chat with solicitors and trainees from firms all over the country.


The team also brought back the ‘Get That Traineeship’ event with Dickson Minto and Stephen Watt from the Careers Service. This was a great event and was followed by a Q&A about both Vacation Schemes and Traineeships.


Various drop-in sessions were organised with the law school this semester which allowed students of all stages in their LLB to improve their legal writing as well as their referencing. We are hoping to host more of these in the future so keep your eyes peeled for updates on our social media accounts!




This year DULS headed to Glasgow to compete in the inter-varsity sports event against Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow. DULS had a fantastic turn out this year and it was great to see the teams from the other Universities! Despite the rain, we had a fantastic day and even managed to win some of our matches this year (GO DULS!)




Thank you to our Sponsors


DULS has been very lucky this year to have received sponsorship for some of our events and also our clothing line! CMS kindly sponsored and co-hosted the networking after the Law Fayre and the University of Law very generously sponsored Varsity this year. Furthermore, we would like to thank Dentons for sponsoring our clothing line this year!


We would also like to thank many of the local businesses in Dundee who donated raffle prizes for the raffle at our pub quiz as they were very well received by our members! Finally, our sponsor pub, The Beer Kitchen, has been amazing this semester for allowing us to host meetings and helping us kick-start most of our socials!


Next Semester


We are very excited for what lies ahead for us in 2019! The committee have thoroughly enjoyed organising these events for all of you and are very excited by the enthusiasm of our members. As the semester draws to a close, the committee would like to thank you all once again for supporting the events in your masses, and look forward to seeing you all again next semester! Finally, we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


This blog was written by our President, Sarah Campbell