Revision Tips for First Years

03 / 04 / 19

Exam season is upon us and as students we all know how stressful and tiring these next few weeks will be. Most students spending days on end in the library with a constant flow of coffee getting us by. However, it can be an extremely overwhelming time for those only in their first year as these exams may be the first real examinations they will have faced since High School.


However, I’m here to offer some revision tips which will help reduce some of the pressure of these dreaded exams!


Firstly, a very basic tip that you will have probably already heard many a time is to create a study plan before you even begin to revise. A study plan helps you keep track of everything you need to revise and allows you to set out plenty of time to complete this revision. Writing down a clear study plan is always encouraged, this means every day you know exactly what you must complete which allows you to just get on with your studies instead of wasting time making a daily plan.


Another tip is to leave yourself plenty of time to study. Unlike some subjects in high school, university modules have a lot more topics that may come up in an exam. This means you must allow yourself time to go over everything without the need to start cramming. Personally, I usually start studying around 6 weeks before exams which gives me time to go over everything and complete past papers.


Finding your perfect study place is also important, for many students this may be the library. Although for others, the library may not be the place you are most productive. To get the most out of your revision you must find the place you feel most productive.


It is also extremely important to allow yourself chill out time. I would highly recommend treating your studies like a 9-5 job. This means getting up early and allowing yourself the full day to study, however also finishing around 5 o’clock which leaves the evenings to do things you personally enjoy and just allowing yourself time to relax.


Good luck to everyone in their exams and I hope you all have an incredible summer!


This blog was written by our Secretary, Megan Williamson