DULS Law Ball 2017

20 / 03 / 17

So here we are, not long since the completion of the society’ first ever weekend long Law Ball and what a weekend it was (there is a slight chance I am still recovering).

For those who missed the chance to attend, the ball was held at the MacDonald Hotel Cardrona in Peebles with 140 of Dundee’s budding future lawyers attending the weekend.


With the rush to beginning the first night upon us, the air was filled with feathers, hairspray and enough balloons to open our own DULS party store. The night began rather sporadically with no one being quite sure how to proceed. Although it was a 7 o’clock start, we had many keen beans ready and waiting by 6:30. Soon after, the food and wine was flowing in a rather disproportionate way.

Although, by the time the DJ began no one had a care in the world and the night had truly began. From the array of strobe lights to the disco vibes of ABBA – Dancing Queen, filtering throughout the hall it certainly wasn’t Rio but it was something we were all enjoying. The night progressed and the number of dancers started to fall… Pacing? What’s that? For those who managed to last the night they would see myself and Hannah; our lovely social media convenor; shoes off having a smashing time to the seismic noise that is Scooter – J’Adore Hardcore.

As the night came to an end, many of us shuffled off to bed only to be greeted with a friendly headache the next day. I’m unsure if what I was feeling on Saturday morning, during breakfast, was a sense of pride as the spa filled up for an afternoon of pampering and recovery.


DULS members executed the theme to perfection.


After brushing ourselves off, feeling the breeze of the cold Peebles air through our pale, lifeless bodies; we were all back in the game are raring to go.

For some reason, as it was awards night and an annual staple of any law student’s social calendar. Everything just seemed that slightly more under control. Also, with the temptation of arrival drinks, everyone was definitely on time.

As the meal began and soup followed by roast beef and finally a banana and toffee crumble flowed out of the kitchen, everyone by 9pm was fit to burst. However, the night had only just begun. The awards, presented by yours truly, went off without a hitch and laughter filled the room as the names were read out and people whole heartily agreed with the winners.

From there we fired straight into the most ferocious dancing you have ever seen, backed with the most amazing band to soundtrack the night. Of course, this was all filled once again with the sweet taste of wine and tequila. As the night waned on and we slowly but surely lost every letter of our DULS balloon banner, it was clear the night had been a success, but the party did not stop there, with many boogie all night long.

Finally, the Sunday morning arrived and to my surprise I was feeling perky, however, some were most definitely not. As breakfast was inhaled and people regrettably shuffled on to buses, the resounding feeling within myself and others was that of sadness that the ball was finally over after months of planning. For some they just couldn’t bear to leave and so Tom and Co. decided to stay (even though they claim we left them).


DULS members sure know how to ceilidh.

And it is here I take my opportunity to once again thank the Committee and all those who attended for making it the best weekend of the year. I wish the best of luck to whoever takes over the role as Social VP next year.

This blog was written by our Vice President (Social Lead), Reece Stewart.