CMS Networking Afternoon

29 / 09 / 17

Following the Law Fair on 21/09/2017, Dundee University Law Society and CMS hosted a networking event at Gallery 48, a modern Spanish restaurant. This was the perfect venue to host such an event. The unique exhibitions, open space, friendly staff and tapas were well received by attendees.

Before I talk about the event itself, I would like to say a huge thank you to CMS for their continued support, and for sponsoring the networking event. This event was a huge success thanks to your support


President Megan, with Eilidh Donnell and Claudine Vega from CMS graduate recruitment.

The reason why myself and Careers Assistant (Shannon Wright-Davies) wanted to host a networking event was to give students and legal professionals an opportunity to chat informally, in a relaxed venue. I have heard from some students that they, at times, feel nervous at networking events. This year, an effort was made to have a good number of trainee solicitors as well as solicitors and graduate recruitment. This, in turn, resulted in a more relaxed atmosphere for students.


Regarding the event itself, a number of legal representatives took the time to network with enthusiastic law students. At this point I would like to thank the staff at Gallery 48 for the friendly service and for the delicious selection of tapas. The general feedback from students was that the advice and tips from legal representatives regarding summer vacation schemes and training contracts was very helpful.

A careers event like this is, for me, essential in the first semester. Most students who are further on in their degrees are at the stage where deadlines are fast approaching. While it is great to find information out about a firm by looking on their website and reading blogs, nothing quite compares to actually speaking to representatives of such firms.

This event has set the bar high for future careers events. I look forward to organising a ‘Meet the Trainee’ night for next semester. The format will be much the same as the networking event. If you couldn’t attend the networking event, do keep an eye on information about the ‘Meet the Trainee’ night!

Thank you again to everyone who attended the networking event this month.