Being the newbie on committee

11 / 03 / 19

I have been Social Assistant on DULS for almost a year now and suffice it to say, it has been an amazing experience. From planning events like our Gaudie Night to our annual Law Ball, I’ve enjoyed all of it. It’s been so rewarding to see members enjoy themselves at events that I have planned alongside our VP Social Lead.

Joining the committee at the end of first year was a nerve-racking experience and not easy by any stretch of the imagination but having such an incredible committee to work with made the initial adjustment much easier than I anticipated. There is so much support on offer from committee members when you join and soon it begins to feel like a small family, so for those hoping to join this year – don’t worry! Having committee members older than myself has been something I’ve loved, they have supported me and helped me with my own studies which is more than I could have asked for.

Besides the social aspect of being on committee, I have also been able to develop so many more skills from public speaking and interpersonal skills, to workload prioritisation. What I would say to those hoping to join committee this year is to treat your position seriously and dedicate time to it but equally – know when to stop. The best advice I got was to treat it like a 9-5 job, unless there is a serious matter needing dealt with, finish your committee work by 5pm so that you have your evening to focus on coursework or just to relax.

I’m excited to see our committee build on its strengths this year and next. I would recommend joining to anyone, workload aside, it is so much fun!

This blog was written by our Social Assistant, Liam McCreath